Cheilitis cheilitis, what can I do with you

It’s true that the serious consequences of not taking good care of their lips are cheilitis – dry, peeling, scars, and most of the time with stabbing, pain and burning.
A good job is the first thing to do. Babies with cheilitis automatically go out and turn left to see a doctor in a regular hospital. If you want to prevent premature babies, please take down the following allergens carefully.
1, lipstick.
Yes, the first is the stain in the lipstick. Whether you are the star of your heart, the sea lipstick, or the broken goods king X color, it is inevitable to lie on the gun. But with a good conscience, most of the big factories will carefully select the raw materials of their own selection, avoid large area of people’s allergies – so, the choice of the regular brand of the big factory should not be a big problem.
In addition, there is a propyl glycol ingredient in the raw material, the sensitive muscle of the baby should pay attention, and salicylate, all with a certain irritation, the little fairy can look back to see their own lipstick, usually if they feel uncomfortable, you can stop it.
2. Toothpaste.
The toothpaste contains something called sodium alkyl sulfate, which can cause the lips to dry. The baby who wants to avoid it can consider the use of children’s toothpaste, and many children toothpaste does not contain twelve sodium alkyl sulfate.
3. Food and nutrition.
Food majors tell me that cinnamic acid in the cinnamon seasoning can also make your lips feel bad, and there are many foods that contain this ingredient, and more frightening is the usual candy, cough sugar, and gum.
Well, orange juice and citrus fruits in figs can also cause irritation, so you feel your lips dry and drink orange juice to remember the rustle.
For some nutrients, such as whitening pills, vitamin A and vitamin B12, are also a sensitive source of dry lips.
But there is no way. If things are good, don’t drink!